Upcoming EDI Modules

15 Jan 2017

Great news for administrators and faculty who are seeking engaging practices to improve student achievement. For the month of February, EDI will host modules and workshops in the areas of Teaching & Learning, English, Mathematics and Arabic. Here’s a highlight of the many modules EDI will offer throughout the month:

Coaching Principles and Skills in Educational Settings: This module covers coaching models, management strategies and proactive ways of engaging in peer coaching to enhance professional learning. (Teaching & Learning)

Building a Collaborative Culture in Schools: This module explores principles and practices of developing collaborative educational models and will explore effective strategies that support communities of professional learning. (Teaching & Learning)

Developing Student’s Writing Skills at the Sentence Level: This module focuses on developing students’ writing skills, especially in the areas of improving accuracy and vocabulary use at the word and sentence level. (K-5)

Effective Approaches to Teaching for Developing Algebraic Thinking: This module addresses the challenge of teaching Algebra to middle school students. It will engage teachers with an exchange of resources, active collaboration and opportunities to learn from other’s experiences. (6-8)

Effective Formative Assessments in Arabic Language Classrooms (presented in Arabic): This module engages teachers with the “what,” “why” and how to effectively get the most out of student performance in the classroom. (K-8)

For a complete list of the all of the EDI modules, please visit www.edi.qa