Qatar has long recognized the need to diversify its economy in preparation for a post-hydrocarbon world. The country is successfully transitioning from relying on natural resources - whether, oil or gas – to a knowledge based-economy. QF is unlocking the human potential of the people of Qatar with groundbreaking initiatives in education, science and research, and community development that will provide them with the knowledge and tools to develop their country. Through a unique cycle of education and research, QF supports the nation on its journey towards a knowledge-based economy, while also fostering a progressive and engaged society appreciative of its heritage.

The transformation of Qatar starts with individual journeys of achievement, and they all begin with a quality education. QF has created a unique, integrated learning environment that spans a comprehensive educational spectrum. Every student has the opportunity to develop a foundation of knowledge that will help them succeed to the next stage of their education with QF. Through partnerships with prestigious universities from around the world, QF has created a dynamic and innovative educational model. Education is the first step to empowering Qatar’s people and shaping its future.  

To provide a comprehensive educational cycle, QF recognizes the importance of providing first-class educators equipped with state of the art teaching tools, training and education. EDI’s activities, services and programs are based on the notion that teaching excellence is a result of attentive and focused leadership, increased awareness, exemplary teaching practices and technologies, and a profound commitment to student success.