Thursday 19 August 2021 12:00 PM
TO Thursday 19 August 2021
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Early childhood

Assessment Playbook

Whether online, in bubbles or face to face, distance and blended learning is now an essential component of our teaching and learning tool box. In this workshop, participants will workshop a text, “The Assessment Playbook for Distance & Blended Learning.” Through engagement with key concepts set forth in the book and collaboration with colleagues, participants will inquire into flexible assessment strategies that can be applied in any learning setting.

-Understand essential elements of learning design including standards, learning intentions, success criteria, assessment and feedback
-Analyse a Distance Learning Framework
-Engage with assessment tools from the assessment playlists for online/blended learning (Universal response, Teach-back opportunities, Composing, Self-assessment and peer assessment) and adapt them for your specific context
-Reflect upon your individual learning experience and implications for application