Sunday 28 March 2021 08:00 AM
TO Monday 29 March 2021
 Data Informed Decision Making
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Program for Aspiring Leaders and Managers in Education (PALME) - English

The Program for Aspiring Leaders and Managers in Education (PALME) provides current and aspiring education leaders an innovative learning experience that deepens their understanding about the complexities of leading in international settings while making a transformational change in their practice.

Starting with learning at the core, participants will identify a problem of practice, engage in job-embedded coaching, reflect on their experiences among a cohort of learners while strengthening their efficacy, and refining their leadership skills. PALME leaders will work toward developing their data-literate, reflective practice while finding solutions to support students, parents and educators.
Through participating in this Professional Learning Program you will:

  • Define and explore solutions for a problem of practice
  • Develop an increased sense of efficacy (i.e. instruction, motivation, cooperation, parent relationships and coping with changes/challenges)
  • Build a leadership toolkit (i.e. data usage, protocols, facilitating adult learners, etc.)
  • Draw on multiple sources of data to make informed decisions
  • Develop coaching techniques and skills to lead and build teams’ capacity
  • Become more intentional about your growth as an individual and as a leader
  • Gain a deeper understanding of cultural responsiveness to enhance teaching and learning