Monday 20 February 2023 04:00 PM
TO Monday 13 March 2023
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Mindfulness for Wellbeing: Phase 2: Flexibility in the Present Moment

Throughout phase 2 you will be extending your interpersonal mindfulness and self-regulation as you are skillfully guided through an inquiry into your own coping strategies and their effectiveness. With an attitude of curiosity and acceptance you will explore how you react to experiences in-the-moment and consider; what power and responsibility do you have in affecting change for your own health and wellbeing? Facing rather than avoiding difficulties in the spirit of openness, curiosity and compassion will enable you to remain balanced and aware in the most stressful conditions. You will develop an understanding of how to safely introduce mindfulness to your students and explore a range of age-appropriate activities that will ensure their experience is positive. Before attending Phase 2, it is essential that you have either: completed Phase 1; or have attended a recognised mindfulness course; or have established your own mindfulness practice for at least 6 months.