Teaching the Arabic Language in Schools: Approach and Strategies

(In the Arabic Language)

25 February 2023



The Education Forum on Heritage and Identity 2023 in its third edition, and the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies - Tarsheed, are organizing a study day for teachers of Arabic language, under the title “Teaching Arabic in Schools: Introductions and Strategies” on Saturday, 25 February 2023 at Doha Institute for Graduate Studies.

The day includes lectures and contributions by a group of innovators and specialists in teaching the Arabic language, and a series of interactive workshops delivered by Arabic language teachers in Qatar. In this context, we encourage those wishing to participate in presenting workshops, from Arabic language teachers and those interested in the State of Qatar, to submit their workshop proposals based on their practical and theoretical experiences, which will focus on successful methods and strategies that are used in teaching the Arabic language.

The workshops will have the following main topics:

1. Employing technology in teaching the Arabic language,
2. Achieving differentiation in teaching the Arabic language
3. Successful means of teaching writing to learners
4. Develop speaking skills for non-Arabic speakers
5. The use of music in teaching Arabic
6. Teaching Arabic through the story
7. The use of drama in teaching the Arabic language
8. Interactive reading strategies
9. Live experiences with electronic platforms for teaching Arabic
10. Assessment of Arabic language skills for non-native speakers
11. Designing specification tables (evaluation criteria by fields) and using them in the evaluation
12. Innovative ways of evaluating students' performance in the Arabic language
13. The role of the classroom environment in teaching Arabic
14. Inclusion of people with learning difficulties in the Arabic language class
15. Other topics (teachers can submit suggestions for workshops on other topics)


• Duration of the session is one hour
• Ensure that interactive activities are used in the session
• Ensuring the building of a partnership between the school and the wider community
• Sharing success stories and giving the opportunity to share ideas
• For inquiries, please contact eventspd@qf.org.qa


Submission deadline is: Thursday, 29 December 2022

Click here to submit your application in the Arabic Language