This year’s Teaching and Learning Forum will be an event dedicated to engaging the international education community in reflective and collaborative discussions addressing diverse contextual challenges while exploring innovative solutions. We seek to empower and develop collective expertise to continue to adapt, grow and thrive.

In this forum we are focusing on the streams below:

Stream 1
Personalizing Teaching and Learning
  • How do we “know” the learner?
  • How do we design for the individual?
  • How do learners construct their learning journey?
Stream 2
Building Inclusive and Accessible Learning Communities
  • How do we create holistic learning communities?
  • How can we draw from the personal strengths of each member of the community?
  • What are approaches that foster accessibility for all members?
Stream 3
Fostering Community and Individual Wellbeing
  • Why is wellbeing needed?
  • What practices and resources nurture wellbeing?
  • How does the individual cultivate community wellbeing ?
  • How does service learning stimulate community and individual wellbeing?
Stream 4
“Glocalizing” the Curriculum
  • How do we learn locally to understand globally?
  • How do we forge local and global connections?
  • How do we plan, teach, and assess for a glocalized curriculum?
Stream 5
Identifying and Solving Problems
  • How do we provoke curiosity and creativity to solve problems?
  • How do we engage with real-life problems to reach authentic solutions?
  • How do we make responsible decisions to solve problems?
  • How are problems identified and solved through service learning?
Stream 6
Redefining Communication
  • How are all languages valued and developed ?
  • How do we use multimodal communication to facilitate growth?
  • How do we use multimodal communication to engage the community -- anytime, anywhere?

Registration will be open soon.