Learning in Service and Action


Creating meaningful connections, developing local and global learning communities

The Education Development Institute’s Teaching and Learning Forum 2022 calls educators to mobilize pedagogical approaches which integrate knowledge, skills, dispositions and understandings with community service action, as an integral part of the learning process to address societal, ecological and community needs within and beyond the school sites.

This year’s theme is Learning in Service and Action; Creating meaningful connections, developing local and global learning communities

The Teaching and Learning Forum will  take place in Education City, Doha  on 9 October 2022. This conference will  include a virtual experience for those participants unable to attend in person.

This event promises to support educators in considering  ways in which they might;  

  • Engage with values and embody principles driving service learning, 

  • Reflect  and formulate learner engagements and actions appropriate to their context

  • Connect to create local and global networks for mobilization

Principles of Service Learning we will be using in the Forum are:



One can make a positive change in the world through consciously enacting deeply rooted values.


Meaningful relationships strengthen local and global communities and ecosystems.


Valuing all living things and understanding the struggles of others is a catalyst for change.


Creating meaningful connections and networks increases resources and capacity to problem solve and enact change.


Analyzing the advantages and disadvantages for individuals and groups within a social/ ecological system reveals pathways for change.


Accepting responsibility to tackle complex problems together.