Innovation in STEM Education iSTEMed2020

Save the date:  7- 8 of March 2020 at Qatar Academy for Science and Technology (QAST).

Students and Teachers learning side by side with a focus on“Moving From Engagement to Learning”.

iSTEMed2020 is an event that will provoke educators and students to redefine “STEM” inviting a community of learners to propel STEM engagements into purposeful context specific learning.

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How can we open up STEM to encompass all learners?  How do we assess learning to ensure that it is meaningful, integrated, and authentic?  How do we move “STEM” from singular engagement “wow” experiences to habitual purposeful inquiry?

iSTEMed 2020 will convene a community of educators and learners in Qatar for the purpose of defining STEM teaching and learning in our context.  Let’s explore how we can change the traditional STEM engagements into purposeful integrated learning designs focused on growth mindset with evidence of learning. 

Together, we will build a tool kit for STEM integration in our classrooms, inspire a group of students to explore STEM competencies and careers, and connect with a community of innovation ambassadors in Qatar.

iSTEMed2020 Themes

Themes For Students and Educators
  • Solving purposeful engineering challenges and reflecting on learning
  • Exploring STEM competencies, mindsets and careers
  • Taking risks and persisting beyond failure and viewing mistakes as opportunities to learn
  • Students leading students through sharing of learning, ideas, and innovations

Themes For Educators:

  • Planning with the end in mind--designing for integrated learning
  • Assessing integrated learning-- models, tools, methods, and purposes
  • Integrating technology in meaningful ways (Apps, VR, 3D, devices)

Theme for Student Sharing:

  • Students share their initiatives and learning; an opportunity for students to receive feedback and inspire others in lists.


  • Highly interactive session where participants can experience authentic and collaborative problem solving.
  • Workshop for 75 minutes
  • Workshop for 150 minutes

Ignite Talk:

  • Experience a fast paced (5 minutes), engaging presentation, 20 slides, each slide advances automatically.
  • Ignite Talk for five minutes
  • More ignite talks......
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