University College London – Masters (MA) in Education Leadership

In 2019, the Education Development Institute (EDI) in partnership with University College London (UCL), launched the UCL Educational Leadership MA program. The program provides an opportunity to gain international recognition and advance your career in education.

This program will develop an understanding of how to lead and manage educational improvement in the school sector. It provides students with the opportunity to develop their understanding of how leaders and managers can nurture relationships with their communities, investigating how leaders and managers can address issues of race, gender and class within educational organizations to improve student outcomes. As a participant on this program you will join an international professional network with other students. 

Delivery of the MA program:

As the Study Center in Doha, EDI facilitate the program, which is delivered by the UCL’s Institute of Education faculty. The MA Educational Leadership program is delivered as four modules, over two academic years, of five days each. This five day program includes three full day classes and two part-time classes.

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, EDI with UCL, have adapted to provide the teaching methods to be online synchronous and asynchronous sessions. This current program is delivered over eight half days. 

MA Program Overview:

The UCL Educational Leadership MA program format provides options to exit at the end of each successfully completed study year with the following awards:

Year 1: Postgraduate Certificate: two taught modules / 60 credits

Year 2: Postgraduate Diploma: four taught modules / 120 credits

Year 3: MA in Educational Leadership: four taught modules and dissertation / 180 credits

MA Entry Requirements Options:

• Minimum second-class bachelor’s degree from a UK University 
• Overseas qualification of an equivalent standard and two years' leadership experience 
• If you do not have such experience, the UCL Admissions Department will ask you to demonstrate how your occupational role(s) have enabled you to understand organizations and leadership, and how this program may benefit your future career objectives.

MA English Language Requirements: 

If your education has not been conducted in English, you will need to provide evidence of an adequate level of English proficiency e.g. IELT’s level of at least 7 overall with no category below 6.5, and have achieved or updated this level within a two year period prior to application on this program. 

Further information on Language proficiency requirements including English Language qualifications and tests that are recognized by UCL can be found on UCL Web page click here:

English language requirements 

MA Personal Statement:

Together with essential academic requirements, your personal statement is an opportunity to illustrate whether your reasons for applying to this program match what the program will deliver.

To support your application, UCL would like to learn the following:

• Why you want to study Educational Leadership at postgraduate level.
• Why you want to study Educational Leadership at UCL Institute of Education.
• What particularly attracts you to the chosen program.
• How your academic and personal background meets the demands of this challenging program.
• How you see your career developing on completion of the degree.

For further program information and application guidelines click here:

UCL Masters Program and Application Information