University of Bath – PCGIE

Post Graduate Programs


The University of Bath, in partnership with EDI, is offering an opportunity to participate in the Postgraduate Certificate in International Education (PGCiE) program and in the University’s MA Education by registering in the first unit offered:


Understanding Learners and Learning Unit


Registration Deadline: 20 December 2021




The PGCiE Educational Inquiry unit is based on independent study leading to completion of a 3,000-word written assignment. 

Postgraduate Certificate in International Education Program (PGCiE) 
 Completion of two units, followed by an Educational Inquiry
 Please check http://go.bath.ac.uk/pgcie for detailed PGCiE requirements with respect to unit choice


 Application Process:
 STEP ONE: Apply for the program of your choice(if you are not a current student):

Choose: PG Certificate in International Education Study Centers (Qatar) (distance-  learning part-time) starting 15 February 2022

 STEP TWO: Submit an enrollment form by email (all students):

 Enrollment form: https://www.bath.ac.uk/publications/study-centre-registration-form/attachments/study-centre-registration-form.doc
 Email: studycentres-ma@bath.ac.uk
 STEP THREE: Results
 If your application is successful, you will receive an offer letter. Once you have accepted the offer, your enrolment for the unit will be processed.

Queries related to the MA Education or PGCiE may be addressed to: studycentres-ma@bath.ac.uk


Queries related to the Education Development Institute may be addressed to edi_uni_progs@qf.org.qa 


Important Reminder:

Please note that if a viable group size has not been reached once the final deadline for applications has passed the unit may be postponed. Please do not make any arrangements until you receive confirmation that the unit is confirmed to going ahead.