Inclusive Practices

The Inclusive Practices Program, is an intensive 30-hour program of professional learning that is designed for school leadership personnel to be able to define inclusion and inclusive practices, explore beliefs and values around inclusion, teaching, and student potential and inquire into learning strategies and practices that will work in participants’ specific settings.

Participants will engage with seven different learning engagements including; Universal Design for Learning, Working with school and classroom data, the referral process, educational evaluations, and leading conversations that create change.

Alongside this, participants will be required to attend and eventually lead referral meetings in their schools. Evidence of reflection and learning will be required through regular reflective journal entries.


Audience: Principals, Assistant Principals and Coordinators

Fees: 6,000 QAR

Workshops: 7 Workshops

Total duration: 30 Hours


 Workshop Name

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 Inclusive Practice Through Universal Design for Learning (UDL) 9 August 2022 - Already done.  This workshop provides educators across all educational contexts, the opportunity to develop an understanding of inclusive classroom practice through Universal Design for Learning  (UDL).Strategies focus upon removing barriers to learning, understanding learner variability, increasing student agency, developing cultural competency and focusing upon inclusion  for program development. --- ---
Data in Action 25 September 2022  In this workshop, participants will deepen their understanding of available sources of school wide data, share their existing practices of data collection and assessment tools, and  expand their assessment toolbox through implementation and reflection. As all teachers are language teachers and are responsible for the social development of learners, this  professional learning opportunity would benefit all educators. 20 September 2022 Click here
Referring Students for Success 30 October 2022 This workshop aims at elevating the understanding of the referral process and its goals, and also at exploring ways to look at data holistically in order to build the profile of the  student. Additionally, we will analyze ways to use all this info in order to develop evidence-based recommendations and outcomes in order to best support the student.  2 October 2022  Click here
Exploring Educational Evaluations 8 January 2023 Ever wonder what happens when a student gets tested and what you can do with the data that comes out of that process?
This workshop will take you through a full evaluation. You will know the components of the evaluation, how specialists choose the tools to evaluate and what the results tell us. You  will have a chance to review an evaluation, and apply the results to support a student with a personalized plan. We will look at how this information can support your conversations  with parents and educators.
15 November 2022 Click here
Autism and Behavior that Challenges Us 19 February 2023 This is a workshop in the series of the “Inclusive Practices Program.” Come learn about some practices that help us support our learners with Autism and other behaviors that sometime challenge us. 9 February 2023 Click here
Having Hard Conversations
8 May 2023 As administrators, coaches or colleagues, we often come up against situations where difficult topics must be addressed. What do we know about the best strategies for these specific moments? What questions should we be asking ourselves before we speak, and what language is best for when we do speak? Based on Jennifer Abram's books, Having Hard Conversations, and Hard Conversations Unpacked, and her work with conflict and interpersonal communication, this session will provide participants with planning and scripting tools for having those necessary humane and growth producing conversations with families and colleagues at this time of unpredictability.  24 April 2023 Click here