Program for Effective Teaching and Learning (PETAL)

"Inspiring educators to lead learning and drive growth through evidence-informed inquiry and reflection"

October 2023 - February 2024




 Enhance your performance as a teacher practitioner by using research to reflect on your pedagogical approaches and make evidence-based decisions. The Program for Effective Teaching and Learning (PETAL) is designed to foster participants that systematically ask worthwhile questions, pursue answers and perspectives, take action, and reflect, make effective evidence informed decisions to drive learning and growth, and build efficacious, equitable learning communities that collaborate effectively to cultivate an evidence-based inquiry culture. The Data Inquiry Cycle and Framework are the cornerstone of the program and with the guidance of your coach, you will address a focus of practice in your context. The culminating project is a presentation of your learning journey with PUE leaders. 
Don't miss this opportunity to grow as an educator and contribute to a culture of continuous improvement.



What past participants have to say…

"I learned that it is essential to have solid ground before making any decision, which is the importance of data." - Khaled El-Masri
"I learned the importance of data, analysis and transformation to make appropriate and correct decisions. And I also learned the importance and continuity of meditation and in-depth thinking at various stages of work." - Younes Salem Orabi
"I learned to formulate my goals depending on the challenge within a relevant criterion. I also learned how to provide feedback for different research models." - Roula Azzam
"What I learned from this program is to set a goal for myself to advance my students." - Fatima Alarab