Program for Effective Teaching and Learning (PETAL)

The Program for Effective Teaching and Learning (PETAL) is a personalized program of professional learning that develops inquiry capabilities through innovative, data informed decision-making and reflection cycles of current classroom practitioners, to help them lead learning and improve student outcomes in schools.


Program consists of


30 Hours Of Synchronous And Asynchronous Engagements
Up To 10 Hours Of One To One Coaching
Online Independent Work
This program is offered in English and Arabic medium


What past participants have to say…

"I learned that it is essential to have solid ground before making any decision, which is the importance of data."
"I learned the importance of data, analysis and transformation to make appropriate and correct decisions. And I also learned the importance and continuity of meditation and in-depth thinking at various stages of work."
"I learned to formulate my goals depending on the challenge within a relevant criterion. I also learned how to provide feedback for different research models."
"What I learned from this program is to set a goal for myself to advance my students."