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PETAL: Program for Effective Teaching and Learning

Develop your ability to transform data into action-focused decisions to have a strong, positive and measurable impact on your students’ learning, through a supported program of blended learning.

Everything you know about your students is data; their personalities, backgrounds, emerging skills, mastered skills, interests, self-esteem. Sometimes, this data presents you with a problem of practice.
The Program for Effective Teaching and Learning (PETAL) is designed to support you through identifying, framing and describing one such problem of practice and grow your capacity to solve it. As you work towards your own solutions to support student learning, you will develop your self-efficacy and become an increasingly data-literate reflective practitioner.
Through participating in this Professional Learning Program you will:
• define and explore solutions for your problem of practice
• develop an increased sense of self-efficacy (i.e. instruction, motivation,
cooperation, parent relationships and coping with changes/challenges)
• develop new knowledge and understandings from a range of perspectives
• increase student performance and achievement
• acknowledge and document your professional accomplishments
• enrich your learning community

Program of blended learning incorporation:
30 hours of collaboration: 5 collaborative workshops across the school year, with a focus on developing your data-literacy for teaching, practicing powerful learning designs and acquiring pedagogical knowledge that supports inclusive education. 
10 hours of 1-to-1 coaching: specific and personalized support which will address your individual requirements and aspirations, providing detailed feedback on your progress towards solving the problem of practice.
20 hours of online learning: using an online platform you will have continuous support during the program, access to the wider professional learning community, and tools to document your inquiry through an e-portfolio.