Wednesday 19 August 2020 08:00 AM
TO Saturday 22 August 2020
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Understanding Learners and Learning

The University of Bath, UK, in partnership with The Education Development Institute-Qatar Foundation, Qatar, offers an opportunity for qualified educators to participate in the University Postgraduate Certificate in International Education (PGCiE) programme.

In August 2020 the Understanding Learners and Learning unit will be . The unit, which is relevant to educators of all age ranges, will address a number of issues, including the following: 
•        Different perspectives on learning
•        Ways in which we learn and how learning can be supported
•        The major families of learning theories – their development and use
•        How approaches to teaching can be influenced by tacit and explicit learning theories
•        How insights from neuroscience can impact on classroom learning
•        How knowledge gained about learning and learners can be applied in practical educational and training contexts

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