Thursday 19 August 2021 01:30 PM
TO Thursday 19 August 2021
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PALME Information Session

Looking for an intensive professional learning program to engage with this academic year? PALME might be the program for you. Come to this information session to learn more:

Do you aspire to be a dynamic leader of learning? Is inspiring educators around you to collaboratively and joyfully engage in impactful, evidence-informed inquiry part of that aspiration? If so, WELCOME to the The Program for Aspiring Leaders and Managers in Education (PALME). PALME is a personalized professional learning experience that focuses on your development as a leader equipped with the skills to create and lead a culture of evidence-informed inquiry in your unique setting. Using inquiry, action and reflection, you will engage in building an adult learning community around a focus of practice unique to your context. This collaborative inquiry will sit within a data-rich environment to ensure evidence-informed decision-making with the ultimate aim of impacting student learning. Join us in exploring how this professional learning opportunity has the potential to support you in achieving your learning leadership aspirations.