Thursday 19 August 2021 12:00 PM
TO Thursday 19 August 2021
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Parental Engagement - Reaching Out and Bridging the Gap

Parents support their children the best way they can; but they are not educators, they have a different perspective. This session aims to connect the school and the parent community within our cultural context. Strategies to get parents involved with their children’s learning in a way that aligns with the school will be discussed. Participants will look at ways to provide parents with the needed support so they gain the confidence to engage with their children’s learning and with the school.

-Understand the difference between parent involvement and parent engagement
-Understand that parental engagement is a key pillar for student success 
-Understanding our cultural context and the diversity among our parent population
-Identifying barriers and solutions for parental engagement 
-Discuss ways to initially connect with parents at the beginning of the school year and how to foster these relationships further throughout the year