Sunday 17 January 2021 07:30 AM
TO Sunday 17 January 2021
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Theme Based Coding (Arabic)

In this workshop, teachers code projects related to the content areas such as Science, Literature, and even History and explore ways to implement coding challenges into their curriculum. 

Workhsop Learning Outcomes Include:
✔ Introduce teachers to Scratch, a popular block based coding platform developed by MIT Media Lab and used in schools around the world
✔ Cement knowledge of computer science concepts such as loops, conditionals and variables
✔ Supplement Scratch with fun educational hardware such as microBit and MakeyMakey
✔ Realize that coding is a problem solving tool and a creative platform
✔ Build subject relevant projects that can be directly used in class
✔ Become capable of creating custom projects to add to the curriculum

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