Sunday 06 November 2022 03:30 PM
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Mentorship Program Mentoring as Reflective Practice

EDI in partnership with Al-Quds Bard College have developed a program to work with Qatar Foundation school teachers who have responsibility for supporting teacher development in their own schools. These teachers (“mentors-in-training”) will complete three workshopsin the program and bring learned practices into the mentorship of their mentees, that is, new “apprentice teachers” whom they are charged with supporting.
The overall goal of these sessions is to enhance the capacity of teacher education through a reflective and developmental approach to educational supervision and mentoring. In this model, mentors and teachers work together to identify and reflect on problems of practice; to understand those problems in depth and analyze them using Shulman’s model for teacher development. Mentors and teachers, then, work together on designing an intervention plan related to these problems.