Thursday 26 January 2023 08:00 AM
TO Sunday 29 January 2023
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Cognitive Coaching Level 2 26, 27, 28, 29 January 2023 General Teaching Hall 1.1-34 (day 1, 2 & 4) Room for Day 3 TBC

Following on from Foundations of Coaching Part 1, Part 2 will focus on refining and extending skills learned in Part 1 and provide authentic opportunities for deeper application. In Part 2, participants will learn a new map, the Problem Resolving Map. While the Planning Map supports a future focus and the Reflecting Map helps the coachee analyze and make sense of the past, the Problem-Resolving Map is about the present and is used when a coachee is struggling with a ‘wicked’ problem that initially seems unsolvable. While our initial tendency might lead us to try and solve the problem for the coachee, in this course, coaches will learn to use the five States of Mind to help the coachee in finding their own resourcefulness to resolve the issue themselves. Surprisingly, this resolution will not necessarily come from “doing”, but from re-thinking or cognitive reframing an issue in a different light.

Please note: Participants will need to purchase an e-textbook (Kindle) version (approx $US 75) Participants should have completed Part 1 of the course before taking Part 2.