About T&L 2018 Forum

The Teaching and Learning Forum is designed to be one of the premiere teaching and learning conferences in the region. The aim of the conference is to inspire and motivate teachers to reach for the highest level of student engagement and achievement. The event will equip teachers with the tools to inspire young people to excel personally and academically.  
The forum is a one-day event that will take place on October 7, 2018. Registration is now open. The theme for this year’s Teaching and Learning Forum is Engagement: 

  • Student Engagement 
  • Teacher Engagement 
  • Leadership Engagement 
  • Parent Engagement 
  • Community Engagement 

This year’s event will feature a number of experts and motivational speakers. International speakers include:

  • Mr. Steve Francis 
  • Ms. Joy Marchese
  • Dr.Janet Goodall
  • Dr. Michael Lovorn