Wednesday 18 October 2023 03:30 PM
TO Wednesday 08 May 2024
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Program for Aspirational Leaders and Managers in Education

Empower your future and become the leader you were meant to be! PALME is a personalized professional learning experience that focuses on your development as a leader equipping you with the skills and dispositions to create and lead a culture of evidence-informed inquiry. Using inquiry, action and reflection, you will engage in empowering an adult learning community around a focus of practice unique to your context. This program is designed to guide you in leading a collaborative inquiry teams to impact student learning.
PALME is a six-month program consisting of 11 synchronous/face to face sessions, completion of between-session asynchronous tasks, and support from a coach and a mentor. Secure your spot in this leadership program, today.
Prerequisite: Participants must be currently leading or able to lead a team of other adults, either in a titled or an informal leadership position, such as a committee, project lead, grade level, department lead, coordinator etc.