Sunday 11 February 2024 03:30 PM
TO Sunday 11 February 2024
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TIPP - Supporting Students with Autism

Discover effective practices and strategies for supporting learners with Autism and other challenging behaviors, empowering you to create an inclusive and nurturing learning environment.

In “Autism and behavior that challenges us,” we introduce the fundamental aspects and components of Autism from the lens of understanding and advocacy.

This course offers a range of learning outcomes that enable participants to gain a deep understanding of Autism and develop effective strategies for creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment. Participants will explore the experiences of autistic individuals, recognizing and respecting their unique communication differences. They will also have the opportunity to review and adapt their own communication styles to better meet the needs of autistic learners. Challenging stereotypes and promoting individuality will be emphasized, empowering participants to create an environment that values and celebrates the strengths and abilities of each student. By implementing basic strategies to support and encourage autistic learners, participants will be equipped to address their specific needs. The course is structured to cover essential topics such as defining Autism from a perspective of difference, understanding communication dynamics, addressing sensory processing challenges, managing stress an.