University of Bath – MA in International Education

The MA Education is designed for those who wish to develop knowledge and an understanding of issues relating to education within an international context.
Specialization is offered in international education, learning and teaching, leadership and management and taught by experts in international education from the University of Bath.
The program consists of 5 units plus a 15,000 word dissertation. Each unit to be completed within a six month period after attending the face to face sessions. The MA course must be completed in 2-5 years to achieve the MA.
Each unit allows up to 6 months to complete, participants take units taught by visiting tutors in Doha every 6 months. The dissertation will take at least another 12 months (maximum 18 months), participants can complete in less than 3.5 years.
Units can be taken in any order, participants can begin with: Understanding Learners & Learning unit in August 2020, and complete the other unit later in their studies.
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