Program for Aspiring Leaders and Managers in Education (PALME)

"Inspiring educators to lead learning and drive growth through evidence-informed inquiry and reflection."


October 2023 - May 2024



Empower your future and become the leader you were meant to be! PALME is a personalized professional learning experience that focuses on your development as a leader equipping you with the skills and dispositions to create and lead a culture of evidence-informed inquiry. Using inquiry, action and reflection, you will engage in empowering an adult learning community around a focus of practice unique to your context. This program is designed to guide you in leading a collaborative inquiry team to impact student learning.

PALME is a six-month program consisting of 11 synchronous/face to face sessions, completion of between-session asynchronous tasks, and support from a coach and a mentor. Secure your spot in this leadership program, today.

Prerequisite: Participants must be currently leading or able to lead a team of other adults, either in a titled or an informal leadership position, such as a committee, project lead, grade level, department lead, coordinator etc.



Congratulation to our graduates!

Saif Aftab

"PALME pushes you out of your comfort zone to explore avenues of leadership you may have not known existed. It allows you to explore your passions in education and provides the support you need to develop into a great leader!"


Tasmia Aziz

"The program description is exactly what you get. Reading is on point, not too much, and needed. I loved the artifacts and collaboration with peers."


Ryan Bishal

"The PALME program is unique as it brings together educators and experiences from all across Qatar Foundation.  Each school has different leaders, teachers, staff and students and bringing these experiences together helps the cohort build a wealth of knowledge to reflect on as they move forward in their journey.  Each session, PALME builds on the previous information presented, facilitates and encourages open discussion about challenges each peer is facing, and provides real-world scenarios to dissect and reflect on.  For an aspiring leader, the ability to grow is outstanding and it is highly recommended to complete this course."


Michael Clancy

"It will make you more intentional in how you lead a team and gain a deeper appreciation for the importance of data in making decisions or promoting a plan of action."



 Daniel Thorpe
Awsaj Academy

"It gives you tools and confidence to develop a team through multiple facets."



Justin Permenter
Awsaj Academy

"If you would like to collaborate with like-minded educators and gain perspective for how QF views itself with regard to educational leadership then PALME may be a good option for you."



Maninder Palahey

"I would recommend this program and feel that it has given me the confidence to know the true benefits of having a team with buy-in and I feel a lot more confident in myself as an aspirational leader."



Reem Albikawi
Arab International Academy- AIA

""By just looking at the impact it had on the team, they are already inspired to take PALME themselves."