Program for Aspiring Leaders and Managers in Education (PALME)

The Program for Aspiring Leaders and Managers in Education (PALME) is a personalized program of professional learning that develops innovative and agile leadership capabilities of current and aspiring school leaders, to help them lead learning and improve student outcomes in schools.


Program consists of


30 Hours Of Synchronous And Asynchronous Engagements
Up To 10 Hours Of One To One Coaching
Online Independent Work
This program is offered in English and Arabic medium



What past participants have to say…

" I will start looking for another new challenge, and work on formulating a smart goal to achieve it through the steps I learned from this program."
" I will move forward with what I have learned from this program, and I will make sure that I keep the survey service in mind as I process the targeted practice to reach the smart goal."
" The PALME program reinforced to me the importance of identifying important data at my school, and then deciding what to actually do with it."
" What I learned is the link between current academic findings about educational improvement and the day-to-day world of a school."
" I have already begun to modify the amount, and kind, of data that my department gathers. It has been marshalled to take steps towards improving literacy at my school."